"I went to see Lynne a few weeks ago to try and calm my nerves for my upcoming driving test. I had previously failed twice. Lynne was really comforting and friendly and made me feel at ease after only two sessions I began to start controlling my nerves through strategies she taught me. I passed my test which I do believe was down to controlling my nerves through the techniques. I would highly recommend Lynne to anyone, she goes above and beyond, and possibly will go back around my exam time. Thank you Lynne"

"I cannot recommend Lynne enough for how she helped me overcome my fear of public speaking. I have now been put forward for a promotion at work. Thank you!" 

SJC, Essex

"Lynne is such a lovely kind lady she put me at my ease immediately.  I have to admit I was a bit nervous about hypnosis, however I was fully aware at all times but yet felt so peaceful and relaxed. I have been able to give up smoking after a 20 year habit and feel so much healthier with the added bonus of using the money I would have spent on cigarettes to treat myself to a lovely holiday."

Sally R, Chingford

"I just want to say thank you to you Lynne for helping me with my anxiety problems after my divorce. Before meeting you I was so stressed out and worried  about everything! After a few sessions I am like a new man and all my friends and family have commented on how relaxed I am now. I am even feeling brave enough to start dating again.  My performance at work is greatly improved too. I have realised that life is too short to spend it worrying and I urge everyone who is in a similar situation to how I used to be to give Integrative Therapy a try.  Its the best thing I ever did.

Don (56 from East London)

"I was introduced to Kate and Lynne through a mutual friend who had posted some information about them both on Facebook. 

I think I read it at the right time in my life.  I had reached a point  where I was just exhausted from constantly yo yo dieting and trying to lose weight.  It had taken over my whole life.  If It wasn’t counting calories I was mixing shakes or cutting out carbs.  It was endless. 

I have struggled with my weight for over ten years, either being too thin or what I deemed as overweight.  My self-confidence was at an all-time low and felt desperate to sort myself out. 

I was a little nervous as I walked into my first class, I shouldn’t have been.  Kate and Lynne put me at ease the minute I walked through the door. 

We all introduced ourselves and I think what made me comfortable was that we were all there for the same reason. 

We all discussed what we wanted out of the programme and the ladies went through what tools they were going to teach us to help get us the results. 

We have learnt relaxation methods, methods to take our mind off food and other ways to distract our minds.  More importantly,  we are being taught to Love ourselves again and I really think that is the true path to happiness. 

It’s not about diets, or shaming or weighing, it’s about getting in the right frame of mind , writing food diaries, expressing how you feel when you haven’t had a good day.  Finding out what triggered those low feelings and finding ways to help you get around it. 

I have to say that in three lessons I feel like a different person.  The hypnotherapy isn’t an overnight miracle cure and you won’t get skinny in a week, you need to be willing to work with the tools and the positive affirmations that have been place in your sub conscious mind and by doing that the positive results will be very evident!  I can honestly say, in such a short time,  I have lost interest in food, I feel so much happier and in control of my life and I won’t ever use the DIET again.  I can actually have my cake and Eat it………..if I choose. 

For that Kate and Lynne I can’t thank you both enough!!"